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Our Mission:

To provide innovative senior care solutions in a safe, fun and authentic home, promoting healthy living.

Ottercreek RAL provides upscale assisted living homes in residential areas which include 24-hour on-site care services for seniors.

Residential Assisted Living (RAL)
Premium housing alternative to the institutionalized “big box” facilities that provides an authentic home environment with the best caretaker ratio in America.

With fewer family members available to care for their elders, Ottercreek RAL brings solutions for the growing “care gap.” We provide services that guarantee a better quality of life.

We make our residents and families comfortable, happy, and confident with their decision to utilize our quality services.

Ottercreek RAL offers your Mom & Dad a place to enjoy a familiar home atmosphere, an extraordinary level of care and attention; we are committed to keeping their minds active and happily engaged.

We welcome and encourage families with children and grandchildren to visit their loved ones at any time and join us for a meal. We provide play areas and amenities for everyone to enjoy!

Discover the difference!

Private Suites

Chef-prepared meals

Hair/Salon Service

Heated Pool

Intergenerational Guided Environment 

Research suggests a variety of benefits through intergenerational interactions. Our residents enjoy an environment conducive to their own well-being and loving relationships with the children enrolled in our Dolphin weekly program. 

The Dolphin Program is designed for young children to interact with our residents so they can develop positive attitudes about aging, respect and understanding of elders’ limitations; the residents benefit by engaging with the children through activities that bring them contentment, a sense of purpose and added joy to their lives.
On a typical day, they can spend time together reading, singing, watching a movie, playing and laughing! Our staff turn each day into an opportunity for everyone to have a strong sense of connection and purpose.

“By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” (Proverbs 24: 3-4)


The Lodge at Hayden Falls

Dublin, OH

Summit Trail Home & Memory Care

Dublin, OH

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